Cupcake Addiction

Favorite Cupcake Places

I have been to many different cupcake places/bakeries that I love. Here are a few for you to view and hopefully try:

  • Philly CupcakePhiladelphia, PA
  • Sweet! By Good Golly Miss HollyOrlando, FL
  • The Cupcake SpotTampa, FL
  • Cupcake Emporium – Savannah, GA
  • Yum CupcakeryGainesville, FL
  • Publix Bakery
  • I’ll continue to update this page as I travel to new places and try more cupcakes!


    2 Responses to "Favorite Cupcake Places"

    Random cupcake story – – So one of the best cupcakes I ever had was from Oprah. Seriously. LOL She came to Walter Reed in D.C. to film a show with the troops when Josh was working there. He actually made it on the show because she came by to talk to one of Josh’s patients when he was with him working out so that was pretty cool. So after she left she sent boxes and boxes of her favorite cupcakes to the physical therapy unit from her favorite place in Napa Valley, CA called Perfect Endings. Josh smuggled me out a red velvet cake and chocolate with vanilla icing. They were fantastic. I checked them out online and apparently you can order a box and they will ship anywhere. Kinda expensive at $15.00 for 6 of em but they were really really good and kinda cool that Oprah bought em! LOL


    That is such a fabulous story! I’m so jealous that you had a cupcake sent personally from Oprah. That’s pretty impressive! Thanks for sharing the story. Hope all is well!


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