Cupcake Addiction

About Me

Hello, my name is Lauren, and I am a cupcake addict.

I wasn’t always addicted to cupcakes. When I was little, I actually hated cupcakes, cake and sweets altogether. Yes, I know that sounds very strange, but when I was five years old, I preferred fruit to sweets! The only reason my parents even ordered me a birthday cake on my birthday was because they felt sorry for the other kids and did not think they would be too happy if we cut up some fruit for dessert. (I would’ve been ecstatic!)

My cupcake addiction began when I was in fourth grade – funny story actually. I had just started to sort of like chocolate cupcakes from Publix Supermarkets around the time it was my best friend Jenny’s birthday. Lucky for me she was my best friend because out of 25 cupcakes she brought to school with her that day, there were only five chocolate ones. I asked her to please save me a chocolate one. She said she would (after all, she was my best friend so favoritism was allowed). Well, she decided to give all the chocolate ones away before she got to my seat! I was not happy. I told her that I did not want one of her birthday cupcakes. She said fine and moved along passing out the rest. How dare her! Ok, so maybe I was being stubborn (did I forget to mention that I’m an only child?), but she was my best friend! As I watched the other kids in the classroom eat their delicious desserts, I gave in. I went up to the teacher and asked for one of those vanilla cupcakes.

Oh my goodness! Vanilla cupcakes from Publix Supermarkets are a little piece of heaven! I could not believe I had been missing out on this secret for years!

To this day, I don’t eat chocolate cupcakes.


6 Responses to "About Me"

I love you Lauren! And I would love a Publix cupcake right now, even a chocolate one. Well really I would take anything from Publix, we don’t have Publix in Louisiana 😦

You are missing out on the chocolate cupcakes – because they, like the vanilla ones – are also a little piece of heaven 🙂


I’ll leave the chocolate ones for you! It works out perfectly since most packages of Publix cupcakes have three vanilla and three chocolate.

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