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Victory for the Orange and Blue

Posted on: October 3, 2010

Many of you are probably confused by my blog post title for today. With a 31-6 loss at Alabama, it was definitely not a victorious day yesterday for the Gator Nation and our football team.

So, why the victory for the orange and blue, you ask?

Well, since I was going to my friend Melissa’s to watch the game, I could not go empty handed. Therefore, I made orange and blue cupcakes, and they were a hit! Not only did they look pretty, but they tasted good too.

I didn’t make them from scratch. Instead, I used a box of yellow cake mix but added some almond extract to it – yummy! I then used Wilton cake icing and added some almond extract to it as well. I am actually not a huge fan of almond flavoring, but added to the cake mix and icing, it is delicious and keeps the cake even more moist!

I separated the icing into two separate bowls so I could use food coloring to make orange and blue frosting.  The most time-consuming part was when my OCD kicked in. I took a container of star sprinkles which are multicolored (pink, purple, yellow, green, white, blue, and orange). I stood at my kitchen counter, poured them all out on a napkin and removed the blue, orange, and white ones so I could use those to decorate my cupcakes! Now that’s some cupcake decoration dedication!

While my Gator football team did not get the victory yesterday, my orange and blue gameday cupcakes did!

My Orange and Blue Gator Cupcakes

I know some of my friends were asking for my advice on how to make orange and blue cupcakes for the LSU game next weekend. So, I tested it out, and they were victorious.

Let’s hope next weekend, both the gameday cupcakes AND the Gator football team can come out with victories!


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Victory for the Orange and Blue…

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