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I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I say Jell-O

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Jell-O, Jell-O… I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say Jell-O.

A few weeks ago, my project management intern Jen from Ozean Media gave me the quick recipe for Jell-O Cupcakes. Last night, my cupcake addiction got the best of me, so I decided to try her recipe while adding my own twist to it – bad idea on my “own twist.” It was a recipe for disaster that I managed to salvage instead of saying goodbye forever to Jell-O cupcakes.

Here is the quick recipe for the Jell-O cupcakes (after this, I’ll tell you where my own twist kicked in):

  1. Make any kind of white cake mix from a box (follow all of the instructions) and then pour the batter into cupcake tins (should make approximately 24 cupcakes)
  2. Bake your cupcakes
  3. Follow the instructions to make any Jell-O flavor of your choice (I chose to make strawberry). Don’t mold the Jell-O; just make the liquid.
  4. Once the cupcakes have been baked, take a straw and poke holes into the cupcakes (about 5-6 per cupcake).
  5. With a baster, put the Jell-O liquid into the holes of the cupcake. Keep in mind that the cupcake will absorb the liquid so don’t expect the holes to fill up. The holes just allow the Jell-O to be absorbed throughout the entire cupcake and not just the top portion.
  6. Refrigerate the cupcakes for three hours.

If I would’ve stopped here, I would’ve been fine. My next step, however, was to create a quick strawberry icing. Not wanting to make the entire thing from scratch, I bought vanilla icing from the store.

Again, if I had just used the vanilla icing, I would’ve been fine.

Instead, I decided to take freshly cut strawberries and puree them. I then added the puree to the vanilla icing. Then, I took a few tablespoons of strawberry preserves and added that to the vanilla icing as well.

I think if I had just stirred those three ingredients (the vanilla icing, the strawberry puree, and the preserves) together, I would’ve been fine. Instead, I decided to take an electric mixer and mix them together… BAD IDEA. VERY BAD IDEA.

Many of you baking experts are probably thinking, “why would you ever mix together already made vanilla icing with an electric mixer?” I know, I know. I was not thinking. Basically, what happened was that by using an electric mixer, it made the icing so thin – it was almost like yogurt.

So, I stuck it in the refrigerator for a few hours hoping it would congeal together. While it did harden a little bit, it was not as hard as I would’ve liked. I tried to use my mechanical pastry bag; however, the thin mixture kept running out the bottom.

In the end though, it all worked out. Although I couldn’t use the mechanical pastry bag to make the cupcakes as pretty as I would’ve liked, I was still able to frost my cupcakes, put some freshly cut strawberries on top, and call it a night!

After all my hard work (and my lessons learned), I ate one of the cupcakes and would highly recommend making it! It tasted like strawberry shortcake.

Take my advice with the Jell-O cupcakes, and please don’t take my advice on the icing portion.

Here are some photos of my cupcakes:

Strawberry Jell-O Cupcake

This one has a glow to it!

Part of the Jell-O Cupcake Batch

You say goodbye, and I say Jell-O.


2 Responses to "I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I say Jell-O"

For future, you can use the electric mixer and just add confectioners sugar to re-thicken. It’s how we “icing experts” (i.e., taken a class) make different consistencies for writing, piping, roses, etc.

So, you didn’t do so bad — just needed more sugar. Plus, the strawberries added water so it thinned it more than the mixer alone.

Ah, thanks for the advice Ran!

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