Cupcake Addiction

Tested and Approved

Posted on: July 19, 2010

There they were… sitting on their pedestal. Normally, a pedestal is fit for just one, but this time it was fit for about twenty. As I walked by the Cinnabon in the Oaks Mall, my eyes were mesmerized by the four-tiered display of cupcakes. There were vanilla ones, chocolate ones, carrot cake ones, and of course, Cinnabon-swirled ones.

I managed to keep walking… the first time. Then, it was almost like fate brought us together.

My sole purpose for going to the mall was to replace a battery in Mark’s watch. So, I went to Dakota Watch Company only to find that the sales person would “be back in 30 minutes.” So, I walked around the mall, and that is when I passed by the cupcakes the first time.

By the time I had walked around and walked through a few stores, the Dakota Watch sales person was finally back (exactly 30 minutes later! I must have just missed him the first time). I gave him the watch and watched him struggle for the next 10 minutes only to find that he “could not get the back off the watch” and “I’d have to go somewhere else.” I asked him where else I could get the battery replaced, to which he replied “just go to Jewelry Works.” When I asked “where is Jewelry Works?”, I received the million dollar answer… “right next to Cinnabon.”

While I had self restraint the first time, the second time was completely different. As I was waiting for the battery to be replaced, all I could think of were the cupcakes. As soon as I got the watch back, I immediately went to get my cupcake.

To my surprise, the Cinnabon cupcake was delicious! I bought the “Vanilla Bliss” cupcake shown below. The vanilla cake was really moist. The icing was a little too sweet for me, but overall it was great cupcake! Let’s just say, it didn’t end up in one piece after the car ride home from the mall to my house (only 5 minutes between the two)!

Vanilla Bliss Cupcake From Cinnabon

Because I wanted to take a photo but had already taken a bite in the car ride home, the photo above displays the uneaten portion. You don’t want to see the back!

Cinnabon Cupcakes… Tested and Approved.


3 Responses to "Tested and Approved"

They ARE amazing!! I couldn’t believe they made cupcakes.. I was in heaven, they were sooo delish!!

Wow, Nina. You are getting as bad as me. I swear – You eat cupcakes more than I do! Ha Ha. You’re lucky you’re skinny too πŸ™‚

I told you!!!! πŸ™‚

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