Cupcake Addiction

When Size Matters

Posted on: July 7, 2010

Let me first start off by saying I just got back in town from Las Vegas, and I was extremely disappointed about one thing… the Las Vegas strip DOES NOT have a cupcake shop! What a travesty!

To all those cupcake lovers out there, do not go to Vegas for a vacation if you’re expecting some razmataz cupcakes! That’s what I was expecting. I mean, c’mon, it’s Vegas. With all the lights and glitz, I thought for sure the strip would have a dolled up cupcakery! Turns out, you have to drive about 15 minutes from the strip just to get a cupcake. Well, sort of.

Mark and I were in the shops at Planet Hollywood, and I found a “Sugar Factory.” There was one in my hotel as well, but this one at Planet Hollywood had a few cupcakes. So, of course, I bought one. First of all, the cupcake cost almost $6!! Second, it was so big, I couldn’t even eat it without a fork and knife. Third, it wasn’t even that good.

It’s not good when I bring home a cupcake on the airplane, especially a cupcake I bought the day before my flight home. If only it were smaller and better tasting, that thing would’ve been gone in a split second. If only it didn’t cost $6, the thing probably would’ve been in the trash by now. It’s almost out of principle that I can’t seem to throw it away!

Plus, the one thing I normally love about a cupcake is how small it is so I can eat it in a couple of bites. This was more like a tiny cake rather than a cupcake. I’m very disappointed in you Las Vegas strip.

Here is a photo of the “cupcake” place. (Don’t go there)

Not really A Cupcakery... but it was the only option!

Here is a picture of me with my “too big to eat” lemon cupcake:

Me and My Cupcake

Here is my take on the Las Vegas strip:

  1. Great entertainment
  2. Great hotels
  3. Great casinos (even if they took all my money)
  4. Worst place to go for a cupcake addict

And on that note, goodnight.


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size ALWAYS matters!

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