Cupcake Addiction

Lala’s Cupcakes

Posted on: July 3, 2010

Today was a great day at Ozean. We had the first quarterly Fed-ex day. You’re probably thinking, “what is a Fed-ex day?” Well, everyone at the office was given the assignment of working on something “non-client related” that interested us. At 4pm, we had to “deliver” a finished product of some sort to the company, hence the name “Fed-ex day.”

My project, OF COURSE, dealt with cupcakes.

Since two of Ozean’s specialties are graphic design and video production, I decided I was going to learn Photoshop and InDesign (two of our graphic design programs) along with Final Cut Pro (our program that we use to edit video and create animations).

I wanted to design my own logo and create my own animation as if I was opening up a cupcake shop. The animation was nothing too fancy, but it was fun to create and I learned a lot! You’d probably be surprised by the name of the cupcake shop. I named it “Lala’s cupcakes.” Lala is a nickname that was given to me by a former employee at Ozean. I expressed extreme distaste for the nickname, which only meant that people used it more because they thought my extreme hatred for the name was hilarious. So, that is how I ended up with Lala’s Cupcakes – it just kind of fit. The tagline for the shop is “Love at First Bite.”

My goal was to upload the video; however, it seems to be in the wrong format. I will post it as soon as I figure it out! In the meantime, here is a photo of one of the cupcakes from a batch I baked for the office today. (Not only was it Fed-ex day, it was also Hawaiian/Beach day at Ozean so I baked coconut cupcakes! Yum!)

With red sprinkles for Fourth of July!

These coconut cupcakes were made from scratch. They are from Martha Stewart’s cupcake book. I made coconut cupcakes with coconut/vanilla homemade icing.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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