Cupcake Addiction

I’ll Take the Bribe

Posted on: June 24, 2010

Every Wednesday, Ozean (the company I work for) has an Active Accounts meeting. In the past, my boss Alex Patton has run the meetings. As of yesterday, we have handed the responsibility over to our new Project Management intern Jen. 

She called everyone to the meeting, and the first thing I noticed were the Publix cupcakes in the center of the table.

Me: What is that?!

Alex: (speaking to Jen) Are you trying to bribe us because you want the meeting to go better than when I ran it?

Jen: Exactly! (She was a little nervous to be given complete control.)

So we all sat down for the meeting and my eyes were focused on only one thing… the cupcakes in the center of the table. 

After a few minutes of opening remarks, Jen told us to take a cupcake. 

I jumped out of my seat, grabbed my Publix vanilla cupcake and immediately was appeased. 

Everyone looked at me, and finally Alex said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you move that fast.” 

I’ll take that bribe any day of the week.


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