Cupcake Addiction

What’s Your Flavor?

Posted on: June 23, 2010

I want to hear from you! 

I want to know what your favorite cupcake flavor is. Mine has definitely changed over the years. I went through a Red Velvet craze. I think I ate so many red velvet cupcakes at one point that now I can’t even eat just one. I don’t know what it is about the red velvet cupcake but all of a sudden, I don’t like the cream cheese icing or the cake! Very disappointing… 

The best cupcake I have had recently was from Yum Cupcakery in Gainesville, FL. It was a lemon cupcake with strawberry filling, honeydew icing, and pink pearls as the added touch on top. Not only was this a cupcake masterpiece, but the flavor was outstanding. The cupcake was very moist but the honeydew icing took the cake on this one! 

I want ideas from you… comment below and let me know what your favorites are! I’m looking forward to reading about them and then guessing the best ways to make them myself!


12 Responses to "What’s Your Flavor?"

Okay, I had chocolate chocolate cupcake at Cinnabon yesterday and was sooooo good. Not to mention how pretty it was. I would have to say that by far my favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate. If it’s moist.

Thanks Carrie. Every time I pass by Cinnabon, I see their cupcakes. Now that I know they are so good, I will definitely have to give them a try!

oh my! the cinnabon cupcakes here in southern cal are horrible :[ – you’d think they’d taste the same being a corp. but they are grainy & dry @ our cinnabon.

i’d have to shoot out maple buttercream topped with bacon on fudgey choco cupcakes. My bf & friends say its ihop in their hands ha

Oh, man! Well hopefully the ones in Gainesville are always good. I’ll try one soon and let me know. Maybe you just had one on one of Cinnabon’s off days?

Hm… maple buttercream with bacon. Don’t know how I feel about that. I like the slogan though… “Ihop in Your Hands” – catchy. Tell your friends they should go into advertising. LOL

Carmel cheesecake cupcakes with Nilla wafer bottoms!!! 🙂


That sounds delicious!! Where do I get the recipe?

Martha Stewart cupcake book, of course! The recipe in there is for oreo cheesecake… I just swapped oreos for nilla wafers and added caramel chips for the crushed oreos! 🙂

Finally got to Kate’s Frosting in San Antonio… every Saturday they have a “Banana Pudding” cupcake. Its made of Banana Cake, Banana Frosting and a Nilla Wafer on top…. probably the best thing i’ve ever eaten! Wait till you come out here to visit. It looks like a shop I can imagine you owning one day. Love you, Bigs! xoxo

The photos you sent me from there looked amazing, and that cupcake sounds like it’s to die for. Definitely sounds like a “love at first bite” kind of cupcake to me. Can’t wait to visit and check it out!

– Biggie

Wow that line, “The cupcake was very moist but the honeydew icing took the cake on this one!” is making me crave honeydew frosting. I’m not a huge fan of the actual melon, they’re so wet (more so than cantaloupe), but do LOVE the flavah~

To bad I’m in La La land so I can’t go to Yum Cupcakery and get some :(.

Your blog is fun!

<3, La La

Thanks La La. I’m glad you like it! Hope you’ll continue to reading it. I should get to write some more this week. Sorry I took the weekend off!

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