Cupcake Addiction

I confess. I cheated.

Posted on: June 21, 2010

First of all, Happy Fathers Day to all of those lucky fathers out there!

Tonight for Father’s Day, my mom, boyfriend, and me took my dad to a great Italian restaurant for dinner. It was called Francesca’s Trattoria. I would highly recommend it if you’re ever in the Gainesville, FL area.

The dinner portions at the restaurant were huge so even though the food was great, we had plenty of leftovers.

Funny story at dinner, totally not related to my blog but I have to share… My mom was not very hungry so she decided she wanted a salad for dinner. Here is how the conversation went with my mom and the server:

Mom: I’d like a Caesar Salad with Chicken, hold the croutons, hold theĀ Parmesan cheese.

Server: Sure, we can do that.

Mom: Can you add any other vegetables to it?

Server: (With a confused look on her face) What kind of vegetables?

Mom: Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Server: Ok, we can do that too.

Mom: I don’t want Caesar dressing. Can I have Balsamic instead?

Server: How about I give you the mixed salad then and add chicken?

Mom: Ok, sounds good.

Our whole table was very confused. Why start by ordering a Caesar salad if you don’t want croutons, Parmesan, or Caesar dressing?

That’s my mom for ya! Gotta love her! (I do. ALOT!)

Anyway, back to cupcakes… So after our great dinner at Francesca’s, Mark (my boyfriend) suggested we go to Mochi for some frozen yogurt. Of course, all I was thinking about were the cupcakes I had at home. At this point in the night, my cupcake addiction was getting the best of me.

Unfortunately, I was outvoted on the cupcakes and we ended up at a new frozen yogurt shop called The Red Mango. It was absolutely delicious, and healthy too.

Sorry cupcakes, I confess. I cheated on you tonight. But don’t lose hope on me just yet, tomorrow is another day!


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