Cupcake Addiction

Dad’s Birthday Cupcakes

Posted on: June 20, 2010

Today we celebrated my dad’s 61st birthday. My parents drove in from South Florida so we could celebrate his birthday and Father’s day together.

In honor of his birthday, I baked him some birthday cupcakes.

What flavor, you ask? Well, I wanted to try something a little different.

I baked lemon cupcakes with strawberry icing and lemon cupcakes with vanilla icing.

I normally am not one to brag, but these were probably the best cupcakes I’ve made to date – yes, even better than Funfetti! And yes, Ran, still from a box 🙂 That Martha Stewart Cookbook will come in handy one day when I have a little more time. I swear!

Here are some photos of the assortment:

Dad's Birthday Cupcakes

These were yummy!

Lemon Vanilla Cupcake

Iced to Perfection

Lemon Strawberry Cupcake

This one was dad’s favorite!

I’ve had my cupcake fix for the day. No need to worry about withdrawals.


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