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Victory for Germany

Posted on: June 19, 2010

Ok, I know what you are all thinking…. a victory for Germany? Didn’t they lose today. You would be correct! Germany played Serbia today in the Fifa World Cup and surprisingly lost 0-1.

Now, what you’re probably thinking next is why my blog is called “Victory for Germany.” Amazing how I can read minds, isn’t it?

Well, here is the scoop… (no, I’m not talking about ice cream, I’m talking about cupcakes of course!)

I was sitting at my desk today when my friend Susan from Cox Media came to pick up a check for a media buy I had worked on. She came in and told me she had something for me. When she told me she had a German Chocolate cupcake for me, part of me was thrilled and the other part was a little disappointed. As you know from my About Me section of my blog, I am not a huge fan of chocolate cupcakes.

Well, I couldn’t resist and had to try it. The cupcake was staring me right in the face.

I tried it and fell in love at first bite! I now know that I love German Chocolate cupcakes.

In my eyes, this was a victory for Germany today.


2 Responses to "Victory for Germany"

Your Martha Stewart cupcake book has a great German Chocolate Cupcake recipe! 🙂

Sweet! Thanks Farmer Ran 🙂

I wish you lived in Florida so we could bake together!

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